3 Months Old

Little Emma is 3 months old today.


She is talking more and more each week. In just the last couple of days she has found her voice and does a little squeal when excited. She sounds like a bird. Her hand co-ordination is also improving. She now grasps and holds little toys.

On the weekend we bought a new pram. The pram we had was a cheap, old, second hand pram. Julia made the wise decision to buy that until we actually knew what we wanted in a pram. Enough storage space to store the nappy bag was highest on the list; and strangely enough most prams don’t have that!


On Sunday we went to visit some new friends who have a little boy who is only a few days difference in age. His Mum knows salsa. So I’ll teach Emma. She will teach her son. And we can all go dancing. Yeah in reality I’m sure the kids will be too embarrassed to be seen with their parents.