Car Party

As I recently posted my car has made, and passed, the 300,000km mark. Such an occassion deserves to be celebrated so last night I had a 300,000km red car party. The condition of entry was you must wear something red, with a car on it, or with the number 3 on it.

I put up red streamers, red balloons, red table clothes, pictures of my red car. We used red cutlery and plates, ate red lollies and drank red alcoholic drinks.
Red Car Party
The Red Drinks
It was a really good night. My friends arrived and we started with some nibblies and then a swim in the pool. When we got out we had dinner, roast chicken as the main, which turned our surpisingly well (haven’t never really cooked a whole chicken, frozen, before). A few people brought dishes which was just fantastic. After we’d all eaten too much we retired to the lounge and play the longest game of Trivial Pursuit ever! We eventually called a time out and had dessert. When we resumed the game Linda and I were declared the unofficial winners. Winners because we were in front and I said so and the game was never going to end otherwise.