Sculpture by the Sea 2013

The Sculpture by the Sea art festival is on again at Bondi beach and last Saturday we went to have a look. We didn’t go last year, mainly because the parking at Bondi is horrific. This year we went a bit earlier, at 10am and found park in the backstreets not to far away.

There were two pieces of artwork that seemed to be very popular.

This ball was a simple glass or plastic ball, I’m not sure which, filled with water. But sitting near the cliff edge the upside reflective images of the water and surfers was interesting to watch.

mystery ball

(Image by Clyde Yee)

This other artwork installation was little pieces of wood, like jigsaw pieces joined together.

2013-11 sculpture by the sea

It was a nice walk along the beach admiring the artwork. We had parked in a 2 hour spot and when we returned to the car, at exactly two hours, there was a parking inspector checking cars. Its a shame the festival is at Bondi because if it was somewhere that had decent parking it would be much better. Or at least a train station.