Joel Sartore – Grizzlies, Piranhas & Man-Eating Pigs

On Sunday afternoon we caught the train into the city to see a show at the Sydney Opera House. We went in early and had a pub lunch at a place in the Rocks area. The show was a talk by Joel Sartore who is a wildlife photographer; who has been published many times by National Geographic. He showed some photos, told told stories from ‘behind’ the scenes and even had a few videos. I thought he was very down to earth and a very nice person. His photos were amazing. The stories he told of very hard and uncomfortable working conditions probably didn’t make many people want to be a wildlife photographer 🙂 After the show we stopped at the Guylian chocolate cafe near the Opera House. I ordered a chocolate milkshake; for $11.50! That’s just crazy. It was not worth $11.50.