Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentines day. I don’t care much for commercial holidays but yesterday was a nice day. I got a nice shirt (got it early actually) and a photo and card from my valentine and I gave her some flowers, a CD I thought she’d like and my favourite; about 50 flashing mobile phone novelty decorations. There is no way you could attach 50 of them to your phone but hey, they came in a bulk order :). Last night went to the social dance and had good time with good people. We’re going to go out to dinner tonight so we don’t have to worry so much about crowds.

I was out at the shops yesterday for lunch and came across a sale on medium sized cat beds so I bought one for the new kitten. I’m willing to bet she won’t use it and will sleep on the floor or furniture instead. I’ve emailed the breeder to find out when I can get the kitten. It should be next month.