Water Bill

This week we received our first full period water bill. For 88 days our bill was $312. I thought that was damn expensive, especially for two people in a townhouse with no real yard. I’m guilty of taking long showers. Always have been. I even have a digital timer in the shower so I can set an alarm for 4 minutes, but I rarely use it. Using a bucket I measured the water flow from the shower; 18L per minute. For a 20 minute shower that is 360L. Twice a day that’s over 700L per day. While I can be more conscious about the time in the shower I thought I could actually reduce the water flow too. A trip to Bunnings hardware and I purchased a new shower head. One rated at 7.5L per minute; less than half the current water flow. Of course the damn new shower head wouldn’t fit properly as the pipe coming out of the wall was too long. That was resolved with a hacksaw. The new shower head is now installed and after having a shower the water flow is still acceptable. Not like having a shower with no water coming out. Hopefully the next bill will be a bit lower.