Australia Day

Happy Australia day everyone! In true Australian tradition today I went to a friends place for a BBQ lunch and a swim. Some might think that the fact that it was pouring rain all last night and all today might put a damper on such events, but some would be wrong. First some makeshift shelter from the rain was installed then a few beverages were had to put us in the celebratory mood. Time for a swim, and damn the rain :). It felt warm when you put your foot in but it was cold when you fully jumped into the pool. But great fun! After the swim fired up the BBQ for lunch. Following a lovely meal a couple of rounds of pool (as in pool table, not the swimming pool) were had. A great way to celebrate this fantastic country.

This morning before going out I finished putting together the remainder of my dining room chairs. Now I have a complete six seater dining table set. I’ll probably never have six people over for dinner but you never know.