Bangkok Airport To Chiang Mai

On arriving in Thailand we needed to change planes to catch a domestic flight to Chiang Mai. The line through immigration and customs was quick. We had a couple of hours before our flight so decided to get a drink. In my mind we had arrived in a foreign land and I wasn’t sure what the food would be like. But in the airport was a McDonalds, a Burger King, a Coffee Club and plenty of other brands I know well. A cheese burger from McDonalds cost 65 baht.
Find our departure gate was a bit tricky and we got a bit lost. But we had plenty of time and eventually found it.  Another confusing factor once we found the gate was that the gate wasn’t actually near any planes. Or near where any planes could land. When they called our flight they put everyone on buses and drove us to the plane. Our plane was a Boeing 747-400 which was the same model as our international flight.
The flight was a quick one with about an hour travel time. When we arrived we had pre-booked transport waiting for us. Our guide Na-Na was waiting for us holding a sign with our names, just like in the movies. It was a short trip to our hotel, the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. One checked in we were exhausted so got a simple room service meal and then went to bed.