Holiday to Thailand

On Thursday 7th we started our holiday in Thailand. We had a 10am international flight out of Sydney. And 10am is the earliest you should fly. We got up at 6am, caught a train to the airport at 7am and were checked in for our flight at 8am. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went through customs and security.  There was hardly anyone in line and we got through quickly. Then we slowly walked through the duty free shops and arrived at our gate. We waited about 10 minutes and then they started boarding our Thai Airways flight. The plane was only half full of passengers, if even that.  We’ve been told its a 8.5hr flight and so far we are are about 5.5 hours into the flight. I think the economy seats we are in have more leg room than other flights; my knees aren’t knocking against the seat in front of me like the usually do. And each seat has its own entertainment screen where you can watch movies or play basic games. One thing I particularly like is that there are power outlets in the seats in economy seats. Yay for running electronics longer than a few hours.