House in Sydney

On Monday the 4th March the settlement for our new town house in Sydney was processed. When I say new, I mean new for us. The town house is new for us. The building is actually about 25 years old. This is the third time I’ve purchased property; the first time in New South Wales. Prices have gone up and up to ridiculous prices since the time I purchased my first house. And the first house was in a rural city, while Sydney is a major city. But when I think of how concerned I was when I purchased my first house for $93,000, and I lost sleep over a loan for that much. This house cost over 6 times as much and I didn’t worry as much. I think you just give up and realise debt is necessary if you want to buy a home.

Its funny that when we purchase much smaller items like a computer or a washing machine or even a car we spent so much time researching the purchase. But when it comes to property you get a 20 minute inspection at an open house and from that decide to get a loan for the next 30 years.

The night of settlement we went to the property to see what we had. Its a 3 bedroom town house with a double garage downstairs and all the living area upstairs. It has remote electric garage doors, a dishwasher, ducted aircon throughout, 2 bathrooms and a pair of citrus fruit trees in the courtyard.  The house facing natural bush land so is very quiet. Its only a 12 minute walk to the train station and a major road but we can’t hear trains or traffic noise. And its located in the suburb next to where I work so the commute will be very quick.  Unfortunately Julia is a little further from her work in the city but she says she is OK with that.

The house seemed much bigger inside than from when we inspected it.  But the inspection was done while someone else was living there and they had lots of furniture which made it look smaller.

There isn’t anything we need to do immediately as far as improvements but we will have a list for the future. But anyone who has a house has a list of improvements they want to do.  We need to purchase a dryer before winter arrives. And longer term we’ll need to paint the inside walls and eventually update the kitchen.

There are only 7 town houses in the complex where we live. I’ve already met one of our neighbours, Amellio. He said that when he and his wife moved into the complex they were the youngest. They are in their 70’s. But then someone else moved in who was in their 50’s. And now we’ve moved in. It sounds like were in a semi-retirement village which is great! Should be nice and quiet. We’re looking forward to moving in in a couple of weeks.