GPS navigator

In May 2011 I purchased a Navigon 40 Premium GPS.  In April 2012 the sound on the unit started cutting out. It was covered by a two year warranty so I sent it back to the manufacturer for repair.  Instead of being repaired, they replaced it with a brand new one of the same make/model.  Two weeks ago the second unit started having the same problem. I called the support line to arrange a warranty claim again.  It turns out Navigon are no longer in Australia (probably too many faulty units). But Garmin have picked up their warranty section. So I sent in my GPS and they replaced it a new Garmin Nuvi 2495.  I think the screen is slightly smaller. But it has lane assist and traffic updates which are features that made me buy the last unit so I’m happy. It also has a very neat voice command. Just by voice commands I can look up a new address and start navigation. All the things you can normally do by GPS units such as set detour, look for categories of places etc I can all do by voice command. To start a voice command you have to say a key phrase. By default this is ‘voice command’. But I was only getting it to recognise that 1 out of 4 times. It can be changed though. I tried ‘hey stupid’ which worked better. But then ‘hey slave’ which seems to be working the best.