San Francisco – Golden Gate Park

We caught a taxi from our hotel to the Golden Gate Park to do some exploring. The park is huge, so we only explored a little area.

We walked through the Japanese Tea Gardens.

I think you can pick the Aussies abroad because they get excited when they see a squirrel. I know I did. Chased these buggers around the park until I got a photo.

Next to the tea gardens is the de Young Museum. We didn’t go inside. But the building is impressive in shape. The outside is made of copper which is meant to change colour over time through oxidation.

Me enjoying a hot dog in the park.

Opposite the museum is the California Academy of Sciences. It was a real mixed bag of things. There was an aquarium.

A giant dome with plant exhibits from around the world.

Dinosaur skeleton in the entryway

You could go up to the rooftop

And they had a section on Africa. With stuffed lions and other animals. But they had live penguins.

There was a small restaurant in the lower floors called the Moss Room. Probably because it had a wall with water running down it into a fish pond. And there was moss on the wall. Kind of unusual menu items but Julia said she had the best pasta there. So if you are in the area and want pasta, check it out.