Touring San Francisco

We had organised a city sight seeing tour, and harbour cruise while in San Francisco.

We saw lots of fire engines travelling around the city. None of them had their sirens on. I don’t know why so many were out driving. Especially since the San Francisco streets seems hard to navigate; narrow little streets. Would be really hard for a truck this size.

Some large artwork along the water line

San Francisco traffic; apparently everyone was going to a baseball game. On a Thursday morning. Don’t people work here?

The famous San Francisco trams. We didn’t go for a ride. They seem more a tourist attraction then ‘real’ public transport as the line to get on the tram was 45 minutes long.

The town hall, pretty fancy

Apparently these houses are referred to as ‘the painted ladies’ in some famous literature. I’m obvious not reading the same books because I’d never heard of them.

The San Francisco skyline.

The Golden Gate Bridge. We were lucky on the day we were here as there was no fog obscuring the view. Apparently its common for the fog to roll in the block the view of the bridge completely.

There are bad drivers everywhere. This bus driver decided to block 3 lanes of traffic.

After our bus tour we walk around the pier area before our harbour cruise.
The sealions sunning themselves.

Alcatraz Island. I had wanted to go over there but we were told that the tours were booked out a month in advance.

The boat we took for our cruise. It was too cold on the water so we actually spent the entire time inside. The boat went under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island.