Las Vegas

My main memory of Las Vegas will be that it was hot. Damn hot. So we spent as much time as we could indoors.

On the main street is the Coke and M&M stores:

In the M&M store they have all the colours of the rainbow in M&Ms. They also have just about everything with an M&M brand on it. From clothing to kitchenware, to novelty items. And yet when I wanted to buy a packet of peanut M&Ms they didn’t sell them. I would only buy them from the dispenser which was sold per weight of the bag you filled, which I didn’t want.

Similarly the Coke store had heaps of Coke branded merchandise. I settled by purchasing a Mexican coke. It didn’t taste any different.

We went to the top of the Eiffel tower, where there are great views of the main Vegas street.

One evening we went to Bellagio casino and admired the flower arrangements they had made. Here are some giant flower ladybugs:

In one of the casinos, in front of a sweets shop was this chocolate dragon. The dragon and the flowers are made completely out of chocolate.

One day we stopped for lunch in an eatery and I mistakenly asked for a ‘large’ burger meal. The coke I received was just too big for me. Even Julia had some but we didn’t even finish half of the beverage.

One night we were at the Venetian and near the ticket office and saw that the Blue Man Group was having a show in 20 minutes. So we checked and tickets were available. Pretty good tickets too in the middle of the theatre. The show was funny and very entertaining. There was a bit of audience participation with the blue men pulling audience members on stage which I didn’t care much for. But I wasn’t selected so it was all ok.

Next stop is a short 1.5hr flight away to San Francisco!