Las Vegas by night

Vegas looks best by night. The bright lights are much prettier than the bland sidewalks by day. And its also cooler. It was still 36 degrees at 9.30pm so still much hotter than I’d like. But cooler than the mid-40 degree temperatures during the day.

We walked next door to the Excalibur casino and caught a night tour bus which took us around to see the city lights. The bus was a double decker, open top, and the wind was HOT while driving around.

The Bellagio Fountains pretty much appear in any modern video associated with Vegas. Its impressive how high the fountains can go and when the water is shot up it sounds like cannons being fired:

The Venetian canals; we didn’t get to ride in one of the gondolas.

Welcome Las Vegas sign

New York Casino; I think this is one of the most interesting casinos when viewed from the outside. Its a shame that they have stopped building themed casinos and now are only building boring hotel box buildings.

The Fremont Street light show is impressive to see; displayed over multiple city blocks on a roof canvas. They were running some sort of ‘rock music’ activities in the area so the light show was made up of parts of a Bon Jovi concert.