Bus to Las Vegas

Today we left LA and made our way to Las Vegas. Rather than travel from Anaheim, where our hotel was, back to the LA airport, we decided to travel by bus. By the Lux Bus. They picked us up from our hotel at 8am. There was a short 20 minute stop at the nearby depot where other travellers got on the bus. Seating size was pretty ordinary but the seats did recline. There was also power points for each seat to power a phone/laptop/etc. They were going to show a movie on the overhead monitors but there was a problem with the player. We didn’t mind and just enjoyed the scenery and relaxed.


There was also wireless internet available but we were driving through areas with no mobile reception so that didn’t work. They offered cold drinks and snacks on the way too. There was another quick stop at a truck stop half way to Vegas for a bathroom break. We arrived at Las Vegas at around 1.15pm. The bus only dropped off at one hotel, which wasn’t ours, so we caught a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at the Luxor casino while in Vegas. That is the hotel that is a giant black pyramid.

The view from inside the pyramid near our hotel room:

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  1. Luxor was just ok. I thought it felt really dated from when I was there 6 years ago. Definitely in need of an overhaul internally. If I go back I think I’ll stay in one of the newer hotels.

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