Universal Studios

Today was a trip to Universal Studios. We were expecting long lines for the rides similar to Disneyland. However instead of a ‘Fastpass’ facility that Disneyland have, Universal has a ‘Front of Line’ pass that you can optionally pay for. The pass is about $85 per person but in our case it was definitely worth it. The pass allows you to skip the general line with absolutely no waiting at all. The catch is that you can only use the pass for each line once. So you can’t go on the same ride over and over again while skipping the line.

The entrance to Universal Studios

The first attraction we went on was the Universal Studio tour. This included the original ‘flash flood’ of water rushing towards the carriage that is in the photo below.

But it also had some new features like a King Kong section with giant screens surrounding the carriage and it appears as though dinosaurs and King Kong are fighting around, and on top of, the carriage.

Did I mention it was hot. Damn hot.

And still hot.

The walkway between the top and bottom areas of the park. There are multiple escalators that you have to take. One section going ‘up’ was stopped. Not a fun climb in the heat.

The Transformers ride used large screens and motion to make it look like you were trying to get away from the robots. It was pretty good.

The Water World show still draws big crowds at the park.

The Back to the Future ride is gone. Its been replaced with the Simpsons ride. Lining up I thought that the ride would be really bad, but it actually turned out to be one of the best in the park. It was a virtual roller coaster ride with the Simpsons characters.

Outside the park there is a stretch of shops. One of them was a candy store which had some interesting bug candy.

No, we didn’t try the bug candy.