Travel to USA

Finally the day came when our holiday/honeymoon to USA arrived. We caught a taxi to the airport mid morning. The flight was fully booked so no chance for an upgrade. We were flying with United Airlines and departing at boarding 1.00pm. When we boarded the plane we discovered that unfortunately the only entertainment was ‘overhead video screens. No separate media units for each seat. And the audio socket in Julia’s seat didn’t work properly. Luckily Julia had some videos on her iPad that she could watch. They showed a mix of movies and television shows (2 hours between movies). The movies showed were ‘Lucky One’, ‘3 Stooges (I didn’t watch it), ‘Salmon fishing in the Yemen’, and ‘Wrath of the Titans’. Between the movies, a few videos on my tablet, and a short sleep the flight passed pretty well. There was something wrong with the lights in the cabin as they kept coming on, making it hard to sleep. So the gave everyone in our section a First Class pack which included an eye cover to make sleep slightly more possible. The food served on the flight was pretty good (for airline food). For dinner we had chicken with a chocolate mousse for dessert, another time we had a sandwich, and near the end of the flight we had a hot breakfast or fruit.

When we landed we had to go through immigration. The line was long, and moved painfully slow. We waited in line for an hour before one of the three officers working processed our entry request. The guy was definitely not friendly and made me feel like he was accusing us of lying to him about our trip. But we mustn’t have been too dangerous looking because he finally let us through immigration.

We called the shuttle company after collecting our bags and waited outside to be collected. 15 minutes later the shuttle drove up, kept driving, and drove on by. I called them again. Apparently the driver didn’t see us. I guess he didn’t seeing he was driving at 60km an hour and not looking at the sidewalk. The next time the shuttle drove around I stood on the rode waving so he saw us and stopped.

We were staying at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort. When we arrived at noon the hotel told us checking wasn’t until 4pm. Given we’d flown from Australia and were dead tired we just wanted a shower and a rest, but it wasn’t meant to be. So we went for a walk to a restaurant called Cocos where I got a burger too big to fit into my mouth to bite.

We went for a walk and one amusing sight was a bank with drive through ATMs. And they were popular with people driving up all the time. When we returned to the hotel it was only 2.30pm bit our room was ready. Yay!

Arrived in Anaheim: