Late Night

I went to the movies last night and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I had expected it to be corny and bad, and I really wasn’t disappointed. However as I went to see it with low expectations, aiming to bag the movie, it ended up being alright. If you’re in the mood for a good movie through I would suggest checking out something else and getting this on DVD.

Afterwards went out with friends to the Cri nightclub for a while. Stayed there for a while and then went to an Irish bar called Molly Malones where there was a live band playing. It was a good night filled with good music and dancing. Got home a later than I would have liked so I’m a bit tired today but I’ll have a catchup nap this afternoon to fix that 🙂

I also finished the book The Da Vinci Code last night. A damn good read. However throughout the book the characters have to solve a series of puzzles or riddles, each one harder than the last. Most relating to the history of the Church or its enemies. However the final puzzle which I would expect to be the hardest seemed to be quite easy to me. I guessed it almost immediately. Maybe the author ran out of good puzzles by the time he got to the end of the book.
But still a good book, recommended read :tup: