No Sound Today

I payed a visit to Annette’s last night after my piano lesson. Tooks some sausages to throw on the BBQ. Was a good night of chatting and catching up. Before I knew it, its was midnight and time to go home.

I was supposed to be catching up with Alexandra this morning but she had a reschedule due to someone else stuffing up her plans for the day. I had planned on mowing the lawn this morning but put it off as I’d much prefer to see Alex. Now its too damn hot to mow. I’ll get to it late this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

My cousin had a few problems with his website and computer so I went and saw him this morning. Got the website fixed no problems but the PC has some sort of sound driver problem. I couldn’t fix it but I blame that on the fact that we didn’t know what sort of card it was, and didn’t have any drivers. I didn’t feel like pulling the machine apart to try and identify the sound card. As he has a new PC coming next week its just not worth the effort to keep working on the old machine.

The Burdekin Singers and Theatre group are putting on a play called Back to the 80’s – The Totally Awesome Musical on the 25/26th of this month. Looks like a fun musical with plenty of good 80’s music so I’ll definitely be getting myself a ticket.