Mad Hatters

Julia had received a voucher as a present to a restaurant which we finally got around to using on Friday night. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it is in the Kings Cross area in the city. We were greeted at the entrance by a lady wearing an outfit which I can only describe as a cross between a French maid and a Disneyland female character. The restaurant was small but it was packed. The tables were so close you could bump the person at the table next to you if you weren’t careful. They seemed to cater mainly for groups but there were a few other couples dining on the night. On the walls around the restaurant they had heaps of hats and other accessories the guests were trying on. Fun music playing in the background. It’s amazing how silly people can look, and act, when they put on a funny looking hat. Of course others were engaging in alcohol so that probably helped. Everyone was having a good time and the group next to us involved us in conversation.

I did find out that the flash on my mobile phone camera is brighter than the sun. Seriously bright! So much so that you couldn’t keep your eyes open when the photo was taken.

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