Real Christmas Tree

When I was growing up our family always had a plastic tree. This Christmas Julia wanted a ‘real tree’. She had them all the time when she was growing up. I always thought the idea of cleaning up pine needles and having a dead tree in the house didn’t sound like a good idea. But the thought of not having to store a tree for 11 months of the year did seem like a good idea to me.
The last week I’ve seen signs for all sorts of community groups selling Christmas trees. Probably helped by the fact that its been unseasonably cold this ‘summer’. So on Saturday we drove to a local lot and purchased real live Christmas tree. I still have my doubts that it will last until Christmas, especially if we start getting hot days. But I do admit that it does look good right now (the photo doesn’t give it justice).

If you look carefully at the top you might spot the Christmas possum.