Roof over my Head

With my Sydney trip fast approaching (less than two weeks now!) I finally booked the accomodation. I’ll be staying at the Pacific International Apartments. Well I think thats where I booked. I can worry about that later. The important thing is I’m staying somewhere.

The accomodation is on George Street only a few blocks from the train station which is excellent. I’ll fly into Sydney and catch a train into the CBD. There its a short walk to the hotel. And from the hotel only a bit of a walk all throughout the CBD. Looking forward to it.

I’m going to have to seriously curb my spending from now on. The credit card bill has arrived and with all the trips and concerts I’ve been booking. Things are going to be very quiet. I’ll have to get around to putting in that lottery ticket to take care of everything.

My Mum flys to Tasmania tomorrow for a holiday. Should be an excellent trip. I hope its not too cold :). A friend of mine was just in Tasmania for a few weeks and said they had a few days where the maximum was five degrees celcius. And thats the middle of summer! A bit cooler than our thirty-two degrees we’re used to.