Zig Zag Railway

On Saturday a car full of friends drove to Clarence (near Lithgow) to ride the Zig Zag Railway. The railway was built in the 1860s to transport zips for miners pants. Actually that’s not true. The real history is available on the website. The railway goes down a mountain but it’s so steep that the railway goes down in alternate directions, similar to a Z shape. Hence the Zig Zag railway.

The day was a special day called, Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. Prices were, I think, too expensive; $80 for an adult and $27 for a child. However I received an email during the week that offered two tickets for the price of one. Bookings had to be made in advance. The drive to the railway normally took about 2 hours from home, however there was roadwork on the way so we were delayed by 30 minutes. Luckily we’d left early enough so we still arrived in time.

This was not Thomas the Tank Engine. Poor old rusting train…

Thomas the Tank Engine arriving at the station

The carriages pulling into the station. Look closely about halfway along.

I wonder what that hand was getting ready to grab…

Inside the carriage

One of the old bridges the train passes over.

The train trip takes about 30 minutes each way. At the bottom of the mountain the travellers are escorted to a maintenance shed where they have a childrens jumping castle and other kids rides. But most importantly they had a sausage sizzle. A couple of sausage sandwiches and a can of coke and it was time to return back home.