Mission Beach

This weekend a group of about 15 people from my dancing studio arranged to go to Mission Beach for the weekend. Its a little beach side town. We stayed at the Mission Beach Resort which was just great. The rooms were right next to the pool/BBQ and inside the resort was a little restaurant where we had dinner.

Most of us drove to Mission Beach on Friday straight after work. Karen and Lorraine left earlier and Crystal & Michael, and Jo & Andrew came up on Saturday.

Its about a three hour drive to Mission Beach. When we all go there we listened to music and chatted and then went for a nice midnight swim in the pool.

The following morning called for another swim. Then we cooked some lunch on the BBQ which was followed by an afternoon of reading, listening to music, playing games and basically relaxing. Another swim for most and then we walked to the restaurant for dinner. Afterwards some more music, chatting and another swim in the pool.

This morning everyone woke up in their own good time and made their way back to Townsville. Other than some slight sunburn and someone stealing my towel (a curse on you towel thief!!!!) it was a really good weekend.