Petersham RSL

Friday night and Julia and I decided to go the Petersham RSL to see if their Latin Night was any good for a bit of dancing. The the GPS enabled we drive through the the city and found the RSL. Parking wasn’t easy to find with cars filling the three RSL carparks (they are only small) and the surrounding streets. We found a car park on the street a little distance away. We walked to the RSL and waited in line at the front desk counter to get entrance into the RSL. It was at this moment I had a thought. I asked Julia if she had brought her licence with her. No she hadn’t. Doh! Why do women not always carry their licence with them? I told the girl at the desk that I had my licence but my parter didn’t can we get in. No! Well, maybe. If I signed up as a member then I could sign Julia in as a guest with no ID. So one form completed, $8 changed hands, one webcamera photo later….

I am now a member of the Petersham RSL. The dancing was pretty good too. There were a lot of people on the dance floor but if you were careful you could have a good time and not get stepped on, or step on others. Now I’m a member we might go back again one Friday night.