Wedding Day

Today is my sister and her fiance’s wedding day. Yesterday I flew up to Townsville for the big event. The plan was simple. Book a taxi for 7.30am, get to the airport with heaps of time spare. Woke up at 6.30am and started to get ready. At 6.50am I turned on the news and that when the ‘fly in the ointment’ occurred. The news was reporting on a guy who had climbed up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and put out protesting signs. This had caused the entire bridge to be shut down by police. Nothing was getting over the bridge, no cars, no trains. Damn. They eventually started letting trains cross the bridge. I didn’t know whether to take the train (a long walk from home with baggage) or still to try the taxi. Walked downstairs and the taxi that had been booked was waiting. I asked the driver if he could still get us to the airport and he said yes, as he would use the bus lanes. This taxi driver was a bit crazy. The pushed his way into traffic and into the lanes he wanted. A bit scary at times. But at least he got us where we wanted. We got to the airport in time. Even had spare time for a beverage at a cafe before our flight.