So Hot / The First Emperor

Sydney continues its string of 40+ hot days. I think today is the 6th in a day making new records. I wasn’t going to spend the weekend not getting any sleep and enduring the heat so last night I checked into the Amora Jamison Hotel in the city Friday/Saturday nights. I’m loving the airconditioning.

However not all the time has been spent in the airon. A trip to the ‘outside’ was made. My trusty phone indicating the current temperature was 42 degrees! Walked to the National Art Gallery to see the exhibit, The First Emperor. The exhibit was of the life-size terracotta warriors that were created for China’s first Emperor. A few of the warriors on display as well as two terracotta horses. These were made in ~200BC so its amazing that they were in such good condition. What I found more amazing is that these warriors were only found by accident in the 1970’s. Some farmers in China were digging a well and found the bits of clay. And the site isn’t small. I think there are 4 pits and in pit 1 alone there are over 6,000 warriors. How did people just ‘forget’ that these were there? Tickets were $20 to the exhibit and definitely worth it if you are a bit of a history buff.

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