Used by Date

Last week when I did my grocery shopping I picked up a couple of tins of Heinz chunky meals. I got them to start off my grocery collection for when I give to charity later in the year. Given that I wasn’t going to use the tins for a while I wanted to know how long they last. I’d probably loose my good karma points if I donate tinned food to charity that then poisons them. But the tins did not have any expiry date on them. But on the side of the tins it did have the company website that you could use for comment/feedback. So I jumped online, found their feedback form, and asked the question; why don’t the tins have an expiry date and how long do they last? The next day I got an email response. Telling me to call their information hotline between 9.00am-5.00pm during the week. What a waste of time that was. I hate companies who have online contact details but then tell you that you have to contact them by phone.

Instead I did some Googling. I should have done that in the first place. I found out the following interesting facts:

  • In Australia if food will last for longer than two years the manufacturer does not have to put an expiry date on it.
  • On tins there is printed the time of manufacture, such as ‘0935 11:15’. The first number means that the tin was manufactured on the 35th day of the year 2009.

So as long as I used the tinned food within two years it should all be good.