Pool Fences

On the 1st of December the Queensland government introduced new laws regarding pool fences for ‘commercial’ properties. The pool at my house in Townsville met the previous law requirements, but it did not meet the new rules since the back door of the house was not separated from the pool by a fence. So after much mucking around a fence has now been installed (at a cost of ~$3,000). That part doesn’t annoy me so much as I think the new fence does make it a bit safer. The thing that annoys me is that you need to get the pool fence certified by an inspector who is government qualified. The government decided not to set what cost this certification would be, rather to let ‘the market’ dictate the price. But they though the price would be $90-$130 per inspection. Well as per normal government inability to price the actual cost of inspections is more like $300-$1,000. There is a shortage of inspectors and they can pretty much charge what they like. Really annoys me. Well, its done now. Until the re-inspection is due in 2 years time.

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  1. What annoys me is that our neighbours came on to our property and put up plasterboard on our fence while we were out and without asking!

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