Cairns Trip

I got back from my Cairns trip yesterday. The time away was both very good, and bad. Very good spending time with my friends. Bad because I was in Cairns. Man I hate Cairns. From the crappy airport that is under never ending development, to the lack of parking in the CBD, to the drunk locals walking the streets. Its just all bad. But I love my friends so made the trip. It was great spending time with Brett, Jo and the kids. I can’t believe Lachlan is four already, and little Grace is now an actual person. Not the baby that I met last time.

The real reason for the trip was to witness my good friend Nicole get married to her man Ing.
The wedding was a small gathering of friends and family up at Kuranda. It was a lovely ceremony and I enjoyed meeting new people, and chatting with some old friends, during the night.

I wasn’t prepared for the tropics though. I found the heat to be a real killer. I bought jeans, and slacks to wear during the trip and only a single pair of short as an afterthought. I lived in those shorts for the entire five days. And now that I’m back in Sydney its the other extreme. Chilly. It was 3 degrees when I left for work this morning. I much prefer the cold over the heat.

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