Drama drama drama

I’ve had an ADSL service with aaNet since June 2009 but its very low usage. I think the highest download I’ve done in a month is 33Mb. Last week they sent me an email that they will be increasing plans, but they, customer service is fantastic… and you have to pay for that.

I decided I’d change the plan over to a new 8Mbit plan. Would be a dollar cheaper than my current plan on the new price structure, and significantly faster. Time to give that fantastic customer service a try.

On the evening of Thursday 18th March I logged a ticket on their website asking about how I change my plan. I received an automatic email notification saying a ticket had been raised. I kept looking around their website and in a few minutes later I found a form that allow existing customers to request a migration to a new plan. I entered my details in the form, hit submit, and was informed that my details were received and would be processed. The website didn’t give me any reference, and I never received an email. Bad signs.

By Tuesday 23rd March I had received no contact from either on my ticket, or the plan change request. I logged another ticket on their website asking for an update. Received another automatic ticket notification. Happily declaring someone would be in contact within 4 hours, and at most within 24 hours. Since I still hadn’t received contact from my first ticket raised days earlier I wasn’t feeling confident.

I still hadn’t heard from them by today so time to escalate to a phone call. I rang the telephone number on advertised on their website and I selected the Accounts department. I was told that they had received no requests to change my line speed, and they asked me to submit it again. So I did, while I was still on the phone with them. We both waited a few minutes and then I was told that they still didn’t receive the change request. She informed me that she couldn’t help me and I would need to talk to someone in Sales and transferred my call.

After waiting on hold for 15 minutes, all the while being told I was “first in the queue”, my call was finally answered. When I explained my situation to the lady who answered she informed me that she couldn’t do anything and would have to transfer me to Accounts. I explained that I’d just come from Accounts and they said I needed to talk to someone in Sales. Well this was a right pickle. She said she’d take my details and have someone call me.

I must admit my expectations of getting a call back at this point was rather low. However an hour later I did get a call from the Accounts department. They asked me what I would what my enquiry was. Apparently they hadn’t been given my story. I repeated it over again. He informed me that the request would be processed and I should receive an email on Friday. Not earlier because apparently the person answering emails is away until tomorrow (their actual words).

A couple of hours later and I got an email saying my plan has been changed and all was ok. I’ve yet to see the actual line change so will wait and see. As for the fantastic customer service…. still yet to see that too.