Dream Cake

I had this weird dream recently.

I was in a cake shop. In Japan. There was a small piece of chocolate cake. It looks like a mix between mud cake and black forest cake. It looked delicious. So I said to the guy in the shop that I’d like to buy it. He informed me (in perfect English) that the cake cost $500. What! He explained that the cake was 100 years old and was made for the Emperor. Bugger as I only had $5. He asked if I still wanted it. Confused I explained that I only had $5, and not the $500. He said; thats ok you just get to eat $5 worth of the cake. Sure ok. So he passes me a fork and says to go ahead. Hmmm. But I told him that it doesn’t seem fair for him, and what if I eat too much. He said he trusted me. But I really felt like this was a bad deal for the shop.

And thats where the dream ended. Anyone else dreaming about 100 year old chocolate cake for the Emperor… or it is just me.