Window Smashing Time

It was a long hot day today. Not that the temperature outside was super hot, just that the airconditioning in our section of the building wasn’t working. And with the wonderful modern designed buildings you can’t open windows. So it was damn hot. I went over to the office of the people who look after maintenance in the building and informed them that it was hot. Damn hot. We even have a little digital temperature gadget so we know what temperature it is. When I told them that they replied with ‘the airconditioning mechanics say those devices aren’t very accurate’. I replied along the lines of their was an office full off people who really didn’t care what the temperature reading was, just that they were hot. They said the tech guy would get onto it. Nothing happened all day. Hopefully it gets going tomorrow.

I had to leave work yesterday briefly for an errand. I was driving along a suburban street and nearby must have been a school because there were school kids everywhere (its was about 3.30pm). At a zebra crossing I stopped to let a young lad walk across the road. He had one of those straw type hats that they make them wear in private schools. He actually tipped his hat to me in thanks for stopping. I wonder if they teach them that. Anyway I was impressed. Yes I’m easily impressed. Good day to you sir.