My eye! My beautiful eye!

Saturday morning I work up with a headache and a sharp pain behind my right eye. I was also very sensitive to bright light and couldn’t go outside without sunglasses. Even with sunglasses it hurt a bit. I didn’t get much sleep the night before and just thought it was a headache from that. By Saturday night my right eye had gone bloodshot. By the end of Sunday my right eye was completely red.

So this morning off to the doctor. He thinks its serious and I should go to the hospital NOW, or see a specialist. I say I’m not keen to wait 5 hours in a hospital waiting room so he calls a specialist and gets me an immediate appointment. I go see the specialist, who confuses and freaks me out saying I need cataract surgery. Turns out he means I MIGHT need cataract surgery IN 30 YEARS! Can we just worry about the current problem and leave the ones 30 years in the future to another day? He runs his tests. Turns out I have something called ‘UVEITIS’. My understanding is your body produces white blood cells to fight off bad things, well in this case they start attacking your own eye. Oh joy. They don’t know why it happens but it’s usually after you have a cold/flu (which I haven’t had). Treatment is steroid drops every two hours.

The tests from this morning had me looking light a cat with my pupils dilated so I couldn’t see anything until now. My pupils still aren’t back to normal yet, but the redness is definitely fading so the drops must be working. I’ve got another appointment with the specialist on Thursday for a checkup to see how its going.

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