Aussie Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Australia day. We decided to drive the ~300km to the nations capital and spend the long weekend in Canberra. Lots of people shared that idea as there was a fair amount of traffic on the road on Saturday morning. There were two car crashes which caused us to be forced off the motorway, temporarily, and then a slow down past the second incident. Both only caused a delay of about 20 minutes in total so no real pain.

When we got to Canberra we had some time to kill so went to the National Museum. Entry was free and they had a couple of interesting exhibits. Definitely not the best museum I’ve been to, by far, but considering it was free, and mostly airconditioned, a good way to spend time on a hot afternoon.

There was a BBQ at my Uncles on the Saturday night. A slight issue with a perished rubber on the gas hose caused some problems. Luckily we had backup plans. The third backup plan worked and we were cooking with gas, literally. The girls got in and cleaned up the BBQ area. I got in trouble for not helping but I think my supervisor skills really pulled the team together.

The following morning it was my turn to do the work and I cooked breakfast for us all. We decided we would drive to the nearby Bungendore Show. We’d heard word of a scone buttering competition and wanted to get involved. However when we got the show, out in a paddock, we balked at the $10 entry so decided to go to a nearby cafe instead and have scones for morning tea. Much to our disappointment they only had apricot scones, not plain scones. And they were sadly lacking.

The decision was then to continue driving to the coast to Bateman’s Bay. Before we got to the bay we made a quick stop at the SteamPacket Hotel. Our interesting find was next to the hotel sign out the front was two bottles full of beer. Free beer!

But despite the sign advertising the beer to be ice-cold it was actually warm. So we left it behind.
We arrived at Batemans Bay and wandered around before stopping in a local motel and getting some lunch while listening to ‘DJ Grey’ mix up his CDs for the small crowd at the hotel.

On the waterfront at Batemans Bay.

We had a bit of a look around the streets after lunch and then drove back home.

This morning we had a look at the Commonwealth Park which was quickly filling with people for the days entertainment. We left before the Prime Minister came on. We didn’t think that would be a loss. Drove straight back home again. This time no problems with traffic. Back to work tomorrow (boo!).