Palm Beach

Yesterday we went for a drive to Palm Beach. Its about a 45 minute drive from home and in a direction I haven’t been exploring before. We got there after only making one wrong turn and found a parking spot (paid parking) not far from the beach. It wasn’t as packed as the Sydney city beaches I’ve been too (Manly, Bondi) although more people had turned up by the time we left. The sand was really yellow and the water was amazingly clear. I regret that I didn’t take my swimming gear. Next time. While it was warm on the sand a nice cool breeze was blowing off the ocean. A small group of surfers were trying their luck in the waves. And a couple of them were using an oar while standing on their boards. Not sure if that’s something new. Along the beach was a group from the Skin Cancer council giving away free sunscreen. Came in handy since I forgot to bring any. Still managed to get slightly burnt.

The beach is actually where they film external scenes for the TV Series Home and Away. The Surf Lifesaving building had ‘Summer Bay’ written on their signs, as that’s the name of the fictional location in the TV series.

I think we’ll make a return trip in the near future, before it gets cold again, and this time will be taking the swimming gear.

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