Woy Woy

I’ve been rather slack on the blog updates recently. I shall endeavor to write more.

Finally saw the new Batman movie yesterday. If I didn’t go soon it would probably stop showing at the cinema. As it was I was kinda dragged along anyway. Not that I didn’t want to see it, I just wanted to be in exactly the right mood. Yeah its long. Close to three hours when you add cinemas previews and such. There are two main things I wasn’t going to like about this movie. Firstly its a ‘new’ storyline and doesn’t stick to the original Batman story. And secondly, I hates knives. They freak me out. So a new Batman movie thats a different story with a main character who runs around killing people with knives isn’t going to be my first pick of movies. But it was a good movie. A damn good movie (I closed my eyes in some scenes). I’m glad I got to see it on the big screen.

Today I decided to go for a drive. Had no idea where. Decided to drive north. And hopefully stop before Newcastle. Which we did. We drove as far north as Woy Woy. Its a little coastal town with lots of waterfront houses and boats. As you’d expect in small coastal town. I was small and little but this place had multiple McDonalds and several shopping centres so it was hardly tiny little. Spike Milligan lived in Woy Woy for a while so there must be plenty of things to laugh about there. As we were driving around we came across this building.


We weren’t sure what it was. Its metal and futuristic design actually looked a bit like a prison. But it was a church. The St John the Baptist Catholic Church to be exact. I wonder if they go through a metal detector on Sunday mornings.

McDonalds have a new deal going where you get a glass which each Big Mac meal purchased. The glass isn’t anything special. Embossed with the Coke symbol and a small Olympic symbol as well. Last weekend I decided I’d get one. Then I decided I’d collect a few of them as a set. Except I couldn’t bring myself to eat McDonalds again in the same weekend. Well this weekend I did. A Big Mac yesterday and another today. Two glasses added to the collection. And I think I’m paying a price for these ‘free’ glasses. Feeling very poorly from this horrible food. I think pasta and salads during the week to build my strength back up.