It was very humid today, and hot. Just to give you an idea it was 32 degrees celcius and 80% humidity. That kind of weather makes you sweat just standing still, in the shade. But lets not complain (too late?).

I’ve decided to do some work on my garden during my current holidays, so I started removing the excess of weeds early this morning. I got maybe a third done. Yes its a bit of a job. I’ll tackle it over the next few days slowly, bit at a time.

My shower was starting to drip so I thought I should change the washers on the taps. However I think it was playing games with me. I replaced the washers and when I turn off the tap it continues to run slowly and then drip and then stop. Obviously there is some sort of time / space displacement happening such that when I turn off the tape some times passes before the water is actually stopped. I shall have make some sort of offering to the Gods of the shower to try and rectify this. Perhaps a new bar of soap.

Damien came over this afternoon and helped me to change over my light in the lounge room. The existing light was an exposed bulb and was just a bit too harsh on the eyes at night. The new light had a nice diffuser attached to reduce the glare. This jobs been on the to-do list for some time so I’m glad to finally get it done.