Acceptable Swearing

I read an online article from the Townsville Bulletin today. The article was about the interest rate increase yesterday and how families are doing it tough. The article is the usual fluff piece. The government is evil, the poor working masses are being hard done by. It made me laugh. The moron in the article was complaining about how surprised he was that the interest rates had gone up since he bought his house, last December! And his payments had gone up by $60 so he was going to have to sell. Sounds like someone didn’t do their math before they bought. Actually given that the general public are idiots I hope a lot of people didn’t do their math and start selling properties. Maybe prices might stop going up.

Anyway… what really interested me about the article was this line:

“It’s just bull … t – a load of crap,” he said.

Hmmm so ‘shit’ is not acceptable, but ‘crap’ is. Thanks Mr Townsville Bulletin editor, I have been educated.

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