Nagoya Castle / Going Home

Today we got home.

But our flight didn’t leave until 9pm on Friday night so we had another day to spend in Japan. With out suitcases packed we caught a train to Tokyo and once there bought tickets (~$100) for the bullet train to Nagoya. This time we made sure that we got a non-smoking carriage which greatly improved the comfort of the trip. The ride to Nagoya took about two hours. On the way we saw Mt Fuji in the distance.

When we arrived in Nagoya we found some coin lockers to store our luggage. Cost about $7 but there was no way we could do any sightseeing if we still had to lug around the suitcases so it was well worth it.

We had a quick lunch at McDonalds and then took a train a few stops and got off to see Nagoya Castle.

The Castle itself was quite impressive and the colours in the surrounding trees were lovely. You appreciate such things more when you come from a climate that doesn’t really have seasons.

Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle
Statue at Castle

Fall colours on trees around Nagoya Castle
Fall colours

When we were done we caught a train back and found our luggage. The train stations in Japan (and probably most other places) are not luggage friendly, lots of stairs. We found the right train line to the airport but had a little trouble due to lack of signage in picking the right train. Eventually it came along and we were on our way. When we got to the airport we had to wait a little bit before we could check in. Eventually Jetstar opened the checkins and we booked our way home. We did a little shopping (there aren’t many shops in Nagoya airport) and our plane left around 9.40pm.

On the flight home we got the entertainment units again so we could watch movies. The selection had changed and was much better this time. We had some problems with the sound not working on the units but the staff swapped them over for us and everything was working fine. Jodie scored some free breakfast from the staff and we saw a really beautiful dawn as we flew into Australia.

Dawn coming into Australia as seen from our plane

We landed at about 5.45am. We went through with our passport checks really quickly. Then to get our luggage. We waited. And waited. And waited. About an hour later we (and everyone else from our plane) got our luggage. The baggage system in Cairns is absolutely woeful, or at least was on this day. The trip through the customs check was quick and we were outside at the taxi stand. Except there were no taxis. Thanks again Cairns. A few minutes later a taxi came and picked up someone in front of us and the driver said they would call more drivers out. About 10 minutes later they finally came and we went back to Brett and Jo’s for place for a sleep.