Summer Heat

Ah the first official day of my holidays, and I only went into work twice. We have an automatic system that calls me on my mobile phone when certain processes fail. By 9.00am it had called me several times and was annoying me to no end. So I decided a trip to work to redirect calls to other staff was in order. Then later I had to go back in for a teleconference. Its just easier to go into work to get this stuff done.

I have a friend Murph who lives in Boston USA. We exchange calendars each year. Its much more interesting having a calendar with pictures of a place that isn’t your local town, or your country, on the wall. A few minor drawbacks are that the national holidays are wrong, the moon phases are wrong, and other items such as local telephone numbers just aren’t right. But its still fun.

This year Murph included a few extras in the parcel including some samples of cologne. I’m not sure if somewhere in the postal service a drug sniffer dog didn’t like this or it was just random chance but the parcel had been opened and resealed. A big green sticker on the parcel indicating it had been opened for a customs inspection. It obviously passed as it made it this far.

Parcel opened for customs inspection

I decided today that I should put some sort of insulation into my roof to try and reduce the temperature in my house in the summer months. So today I bought 9 packs of Pink Batts. Enough to cover the entire roof. That was the easy part. Now I just have to work out how to install the things. And thats not easy. Climbing around in my un-insulated roof in summer is not very much fun. 🙁 I think I might have to do it at night.