Xmen & Painball

I went to the movies last night with friends and saw the Xmen 3 movie. Story carries on from the previous movie with a war brewing between the mutants and ‘normal’ humans. Introduce a few more mutants and away we go. I enjoyed the movie but it probably lacked the ‘spark’ of the first movie. Probably because you can only introduce a limited number of powers to the mutants.

Today I played indoor paintball with friends as part of a birthday celebration. Played for about two hours and had a blast. Nothing quite like shooting friends :). Last year when I played paintball my legs were hurting for day afterwards. Hopefully I’ll fare better this time around. Everyone was showing off their bruises after todays games but yours truely was pretty much bruise free. I might find a few when I shower tonight though.

Failure to Launch

I went to the cinemas last night and saw Failure to Launch with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. The story is that of a 35 year old guy who is completely comfortable living at home with his parents. But his parents think its time for him to move out. They hire Parker who pretends to be a love interest, thereby giving the bachelor the extra push he needs to move out of the ‘nest’. I really enjoyed this light hearted comedy. Even the almost slap stick scenes with the animals were well done and enjoyable.

Ice Age 2

Mum wanted a tree in her front yard trimmed so yesterday afternoon I went to her place to get it done. Perhaps ‘trimmed’ is misleading. Basically cut back to stumps would be more accurate. Using a less than sharp saw I got the job done. Note to self; buy a sharp garden saw.

I went to the cinemas and saw Ice Age: The Meltdown yesterday afternoon. While being ok I didn’t find it as good as the first movie. There seemed to be too many characters and the main story line was rather weak. Still not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Inside Man

I went to the cinemas today and saw Inside Man. The story is that of a bank robbery and Denzel Washington who is the cop on the scene. The use of ‘flash forward’ scenes gave away the story too soon as you knew what was going to happen before it happened. The use of Jodie Foster as the highly paid broker to talk directly to the robbers added nothing to the story and the character could have been easily removed without affecting the story line. If there is something else you want to see, see that first.

V for Vendetta

On a last minute whim I went to the cinemas this afternoon and saw V for Vendetta. The story is that of the not too distant future when the UK is being governed by by corrupt and all powerful group of leaders. In comes the mysterious V with his phrase People shouldn’t fear their government. Governments should fear the people. He sets about to ‘awaken’ the public and make them realise that they can fight back. Character of V is wordy, intelligent, charasmatic, mysterious and pretty damn handy with a sword. While the screenplay may, I think, miss the interests of the general public; I found this to be a very enjoyable movie indeed.