Almost the Entire Cinema!

So close, and yet not quite. The local cinema had an early release of the movie ‘Lions for Lambs’ tonight. I went with a friend and we were the only ones in the cinema right up to the previews. And then someone else came in. Damn. I’ve never had a cinema to myself. But it was so close tonight….

Queens Park

I took some lunch down to Queens Park today and ate it while sitting under a big shady tree. Not that the shade was necessary as it was quite overcast. Then I lay back on the grass and just as I was starting to nod off it started raining. Not enough to actually worry me as the tree kept most of the water off but enough so I couldn’t sleep. Really should go to the local parks more often because they really are quite pretty and nice places to relax.

This morning I went to the movies and saw Die Hard 4.0. I was in the mood for a movie where I didn’t have to think and this movie fit the bill. As per the previous movies its an action flick. I think John Maclean may be part terminator because the guy never stops. Jumping from cars, planes, buildings, in explosions, getting shot at. All part of his adventure. Sure he gets a few scratches and every now and then limps to remind you that he’s hurt but he’s still better off then the hundreds a bad guys that he keeps killing off with amazing efficiency. And yes the movie is full of bad puns. But thats what the Die Hard series is all about. Glad I saw this. If you are after an action flick with big explosions that you don’t have to think through, go check it out.

Fantastic 4

I went to the cinemas and saw Fantastic 4 : 2 Rise of the silver surfer. It was ok, not great. The script was rather weak. Story is the powerful silver surfer arrives at Earth to prepare for the arrival of the all powerful ‘being’ that destroys planets. So its up to the fantastic 4 to stop him, it, whatever. And I’m not sure if Jessica Alba has been standing too close to the human torch, but I don’t think its physically possible for her to get any more tan. Less tan girl!

No Sunshine

I went to the movies yesterday and saw the sci-fi called Sunshine. Story is that the sun is dying so a group of astronaughts fly a big bomb to the sun to ‘restart’ it. I think its been a while since I’ve seen a sci-fi so was looking forward to. I was horribly disappointed. This movie was horrible. Its more a thriller/horror trying set in space, rather than a sci-fi. And a crap one at that. The story line is boring and predictable. The directing is crap as they sustitute good acting and suspect for blurry shaking camera scene. Don’t bother seeing this one.

Last night went to Bistro One for a friends birthday. I had a chicken dish which was just delicious. Especially the mashed potato on the side. Its a shame the service was so absolutely woeful since the food was so nice. Seems to be a common theme in this town with restaurants taking the time and money to get good chefs but then having rude, or poorly trained, support staff.

This morning I went to the gym and then Linda took me to lunch at Lukabean cafe for an early birthday event. Was very nice indeed. Have been having a good run with food dining out lately 🙂

Night at the Museum

Jo and I went to the movies last night and saw Night at the Museum. I really enjoyed it. While a childrens movie at heart there were plenty of parts that I found quite funny. And it has a cheeky monkey in it which is a definite thumbs up from my point of view. Was good to see Dick Van Dyke playing a part which I suppose you could call the bad guy. Story is that of a guy who has plenty of ‘schemes’ to make it but none of them work out. Pressure is building with his ex-wife and his son that he should just get a ‘real job’. So in defeat he gets a night guard job at the museum. And at night due to a magic object all the creatures within come to life.