Kiva loan default

I had my first Kiva loan default yesterday with no repayment received from the borrower. The loan was for $650 (I contributed $25) to a a 34 year old farmer, Joseph. He was going to use the loan to purchase beans for planting.

I’ve received no feedback as to why the borrower was unable to make his repayments so I don’t know if it was because he was unable to, or he just chose not to.

I’ve leant to 140 loans through Kiva so to have only 1 loan default from that many does not make me feel any less about the Kiva lending process.

107th Kiva Loan

My Kiva borrowers have been very busy lately repaying their loans. And I’ve been busy re-lending the funds back out to more people. I just contributed to my 107th Kiva loan. Its nice to think that I’ve helped 107 people/groups improve their lives in some far away country.


I was walking out of our unit complex when I noticed this little fellow on the floor next the elevator.

I didn’t think it was the best place for him and someone else might have squished him. So I picked him up and walked him to a nearby garden down the street.

Kiva for 2011

I just contributed to another 5 loans at Kiva, the last ones I’ll do for 2011. That makes a total of 75 loans I’ve lent with Kiva over the twelve month period. I’ve contributed a total of $1,123.88 of my own money towards the loans. None of the loans I’ve contributed too have defaulted, and I’ve only lost $0.02 in total which was due to a currency conversation rate change.

Lending through Kiva has been my main ‘good deed’ for my 2011 year of helping others. I hope my small contribution has made a difference. I guess I’ll never know for sure. I won’t contributed as much next year but I will keep rolling the funds that are paid back into new loans so others can get the benefit too.