That’s Incredible

Since I’m not at work this week Damien and I decided to try somewhere else for lunch. We tried to go the Balcony cafe but they were closed for renovations. So we went to the esplande and had lunch at the Blue Bottle Cafe. Damo had the pasta and I had the fish. Both were very nice.

This afternoon we went to the movies and saw the movie The Incredibles. Its a Disney animation and I’m never quite sure just how PG these movies are going to be. However this movie was very enjoyable. Good animation, very good character interaction. Loved the whole disfunctional family of super heros trying to fit into ‘normal life’ story line.


I bought a book case today. Its a cheap item that you have to put together yourself. I love these things. They look fairly tidy, they’re cheap as chips and they’re actually very study. As they should be since they’re held together with dowel and 50mm screws. Now I’ll just have search through my shelves and under my bed and find those books I have laying around and put them in their new home.


Let there be more light

Another light change. This time changed the light bulb in the study to a fluro which gives much better light for reading. Uncle Mervyn came over and gave me a hand. Its not hard if you have four hands.

I’ve been meaning to go to the local second hand PC store and see what parts I can get cheap to upgrade my computer. I went there a few weeks ago on a Saturday and they were closed. I go today, and they are closed. I think they might have gone out of business. Bugger! Back to the yellow pages to see what else is available.


It was very humid today, and hot. Just to give you an idea it was 32 degrees celcius and 80% humidity. That kind of weather makes you sweat just standing still, in the shade. But lets not complain (too late?).

I’ve decided to do some work on my garden during my current holidays, so I started removing the excess of weeds early this morning. I got maybe a third done. Yes its a bit of a job. I’ll tackle it over the next few days slowly, bit at a time.

My shower was starting to drip so I thought I should change the washers on the taps. However I think it was playing games with me. I replaced the washers and when I turn off the tap it continues to run slowly and then drip and then stop. Obviously there is some sort of time / space displacement happening such that when I turn off the tape some times passes before the water is actually stopped. I shall have make some sort of offering to the Gods of the shower to try and rectify this. Perhaps a new bar of soap.

Damien came over this afternoon and helped me to change over my light in the lounge room. The existing light was an exposed bulb and was just a bit too harsh on the eyes at night. The new light had a nice diffuser attached to reduce the glare. This jobs been on the to-do list for some time so I’m glad to finally get it done.

Summer Heat

Ah the first official day of my holidays, and I only went into work twice. We have an automatic system that calls me on my mobile phone when certain processes fail. By 9.00am it had called me several times and was annoying me to no end. So I decided a trip to work to redirect calls to other staff was in order. Then later I had to go back in for a teleconference. Its just easier to go into work to get this stuff done.

I have a friend Murph who lives in Boston USA. We exchange calendars each year. Its much more interesting having a calendar with pictures of a place that isn’t your local town, or your country, on the wall. A few minor drawbacks are that the national holidays are wrong, the moon phases are wrong, and other items such as local telephone numbers just aren’t right. But its still fun.

This year Murph included a few extras in the parcel including some samples of cologne. I’m not sure if somewhere in the postal service a drug sniffer dog didn’t like this or it was just random chance but the parcel had been opened and resealed. A big green sticker on the parcel indicating it had been opened for a customs inspection. It obviously passed as it made it this far.

Parcel opened for customs inspection

I decided today that I should put some sort of insulation into my roof to try and reduce the temperature in my house in the summer months. So today I bought 9 packs of Pink Batts. Enough to cover the entire roof. That was the easy part. Now I just have to work out how to install the things. And thats not easy. Climbing around in my un-insulated roof in summer is not very much fun. 🙁 I think I might have to do it at night.