Last Saturday Emma had her immunisation needle that was due for four years old. We weren’t sure how much to tell her. The night before, at dinner, we explained that we were going to the doctor the next day, and they would give her some medicine. The medicine would stop her from getting sick. It might feel like a pinch in her arm, but just for a second. And we could have ice-cream after. Emma sort of understood, but got a bit teary. Said she would get the medicine another day, not tomorrow. We didn’t discuss it further.
The next morning we went to the doctors. The lady talked a lot to Emma. Asking her what foods she ate and what she liked to do. She did an eyesight test with her. Measured her weight and height. Emma enjoyed the attention. Then she asked Emma if she could sing her ABC’s. Emma said she could. The lady said that Emma should sing her ABC’s and the medicine would be finished before she was done singing. She asked Emma to restart singing a few times, asking her to sing louder. All the time distracting her with the singing. And Emma was so focused on the singing, she didn’t even notice the needle. It was that quick. No tears, because Emma didn’t notice anything had been done.

Afterwards we went for frozen yogurt.
I didn’t have any because they were out of chocolate.

How much is that dress?

I was walking to the train station this morning when a lady was stopped on the walkway in front of me, she was checking her mobile phone or something. I noticed that she had a clothing tag, like when you buy something new, hanging from the back of her top. I said ‘excuse me’. She gave me a look that wasn’t very happy; I’m not sure what she thought I was going to say. But I told her about the tag and asked if she wanted me to remove it. Her attitude changed in that instant and was very thankful. She removed the tag herself but I guess appreciated not going to work and looking silly.

Passport Photos

Last week I started the process to renew my passport. Given that I never travel anymore I hadn’t noticed that it had expired. Oops. Anyway I completed the paperwork for a new passport. Yesterday I got a phone call from the government office. My application had been declined because of my photo as (1) I was smiling and (2) you couldn’t see my eyes clearly. Well I’ll concede point 2. You can never see my eyes in photos. I squint a lot. So today I had a mad rush around to get photos re-done. I’m not sure the second photo is better; makes me look crazy.

I hate you

Last night Emma told me that “I hate you!”. This was after she was throwing her toys around the lounge room and I told her to stop. I thought she’d at least be a teenage when she told me that, not a three year old. She must be advanced.

Spider bite

I think I was bitten by a spider last night. I remember in the middle of the night having a sharp pain, like an insect bite on the top of my right leg. Today its all red and swollen. I had the same thing a year or so ago when I was bitten on my upper arm.
Stupid spiders. Stop biting me! Or at least give me some super powers.