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January 15, 2014 - Baby Still Right Way

After the doctor turned the baby around last Friday we weren’t sure if she would stay in the correct position. But she has been well behaved. Yesterday a checkup with the doctor confirmed that she is still in the right position. Now just counting the days. Read more »

Inflatable World

Today I took Emma to Inflatable World at Mt Kuring-Gai. The venue is a large ‘warehouse’ type building. I believe its used for indoor sports, such as indoor cricket. But today it was setup as a giant jumping castle complete. They have an area which is only 5 years old and younger, and the other side which is any age. The kids loved it. Entry is for 2 hours which was more than enough time for Emma to wear herself out. Staff were very friendly and they had several people walking around supervising which was great. Most places don’t have any supervision.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium & Wildlife Zoo

I’ve been in Sydney for almost 9 years and I’ve never been to the aquarium in Darling Harbour. Today we went.
We drove to the Meadowbank Ferry terminal and then took the ferry to Darling Harbour. That took about 30 minutes. It was interesting to see the people setting up on the shorelines getting ready for the New Years fireworks show.

The aquarium was much larger than I expected. Its about a kilometre to walk. I was feeling tired by the time we came out. But we had some lunch and then went back in to the Wildlife Zoo. The Zoo is much smaller than the aquarium. Emma loved the kangaroos.

This is a bridge next to the Meadowbank ferry terminal.

Curl Curl Beach

Today we decided to go to the beach. Julia had heard about Curl Curl beach so we decided to go there for the first time.

It turns out it wasn’t the best day for the beach as it the surf was rough and the lifesavers had closed the beach. We still walked along the water and Emma made sand castles.

Courtyard Changes

In our rear courtyard we had to largish trees. We decided it was time for them to go and be replaced with smaller plants. It took me several weekends, slowly chopping and pruning but I eventually removed them. I then built a new small dividing fence between our two garden levels. Then we planted new small flowering plants. Our courtyard has pavers and they were looking dirty and yucky after winter. I got out the water pressure cleaner and gave them a good clean. As a Christmas present to ourselves we bought a 3.5m umbrella to provide some shade, now the trees are gone. The area looks a lot better, and even a bit bigger.